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Cossacks Cup is a friendly motorcycle race, organized and sponsored by Mr. Sergii Grygorovich, the head of GSC Gameworld company and creator of famous PC games series such as "Cossacks" and "S.T.A.L.K.E.R".
The race is held annually on a legendary Automotodrom Brno circuit, which hosts the world series of motorcycle racing - MotoGP and WSBK.
Event days: 27-29 September 2019.

We have 2 men races and 1 ladies race. Girls get a set of new tires for a race!

In season 2019 there will be a lottery among all participants with the main prize - brand new motorcycle BMW R nineT Racer!

Check our video from the Cossacks Cup 2018 and see why you should’n miss this race!

Cossacks cup is held at Automotodrom Brno, in Czech Republick on 27-29 of September 2019 together with the trackday event organized by our partner and race operator — DT Bike Promotion Gmbh(Germany).

Event rules
  1. Cossacks Cup is a private amateur sports event, therefore all controversial subjects are solved by the Organizer at his own discretion and are not to be discussed. The decisions of Organizer are final and obligatory to any participant.
  2. The number of entrants (participants) is limited, and has not to be more than 65 pilots.
  3. The entrants (men) should be the residents of listed below countries, former participants of USSR: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.
  4. The entrants (women) who will participate in Cossacks Cup Ladies Cup may be of any nationality, country of residence or origin.
  5. The bikes (Motocycles) allowed at the competition are only sportbikes with 600cc and 1000cc engines.
  6. Medical insurance for every pilot taking part at the event is obligatory. Besides this insurance, every pilot is free to purchase the additional insurance for this event from the Race Operator (Organizer).
  7. Cossacks Cup will consist of three races — Cossacks Cup Main Race (Main) и Cossacks Cup Second Race (Second), because of the number of pilots limit (limited number of pilots), racing at the same time on the track (not more than 53 bikes), and separate women race — Cossacks Ladies Cup (not more than 53 lady pilots).
  8. The pilots will be classified to the Main or Second race regarding their best lap time, shown at the qualification (as it will be shown on event schedule).
  9. All practice sessions marked in the event schedule as Q1 and Q2 will be considered qualifying ones. Hence, all the results shown by a pilot in these sessions will be compared, and the best result will be considered as the qualifying one.
  10. Both Main and Second races are joint for 600cc and 1000cc bikes. Therefore, first part of pilots are taking part in the Main race, regardless of the engine of their bike, and other part of pilots take part in the Second race, also regardless of the engine.
  11. In case of rain — the race will be cancelled. All the bonuses for the pilots will remain valid, including the lottery for the main prize bike, except for the set of tires for the race, which will not be presented.
    Prize places
Prize places

The prize places for the race are:

  • Top-3 places of Superbike class (1000cc) in the Main and Second races
  • Top-3 places of Supersport class (600cc) in the Main and Second races
  • Top-3 places Ladies class (women pilots, regardless of the engine)
  • The youngest pilot.

  1. The cost of participation in the event — 539 EUR for 3 days for men (after 10th of September the cost of participation will be 600 EUR), 509 EUR for 3 days for ladies.
  2. The price of renting a box — 200 EUR per box for a day (this price is divided between all the pilots standing in the box, the number of bikes is meant to be not more than 8. (full price without cashback))
  3. Tire change — 15 EUR per tire, 25 EUR per set of tires (The wheels should be taken off from the bike by the pilot or his mechanic themselves). The cost of obligatory tires set change is included into the event cost.
Cashback and bonuses
  1. Every girl taking part in the race receives free set of new tires Pirelli Superbike/Supercorsa SC1, which is obligatory to use in the Cossacks Ladies Race.The cost of 1 (one) obligatory tires set change is included into the event cost. The wheels should be taken off from the bike by the pilot or his mechanic themselves.
  2. All Ukrainian pilots receive the additional compensation of their travel expenses in the amount of 100€ for transporting the bike from Ukraine to Brno.
  3. Besides the cashback and the prizes for the winners, there will be a lottery held between the participants. The main prize of the lottery — is a brand new motorcycle BMW R nine T Racer. The prize will be presented as to the result of the lottery in Kyiv, Ukraine.